This is the blog for tdub's bid for the TVF March Madness Competition. We are not sand bagging, only the steeps for our crew.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ten Day March Madness Report

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Ten Day Tdub Update.

Day 1 Green 2x600 1200
Day 2 Raven's Fork low ass water 1x700 700
Day 3 Green 1x600 600
Day 4 Green 1x600 600
Day 5 Green 1x600 600
Day 6 Triple Falls 6.5x100 650
Day 7 Green 2x600 1200
Day 8 Ramsey Upper and Lower 1x960 960
Day 9 Green 1x600 600
Day 10 Green 1x600 600


Click here to Watch John Grace’s 10 Day Trip Report

photo by Tommy Hilleke

Here is a rough total of gradient for tdub since The March Madness competition began. As a team we are competing in the sick bird division, and for this reason are not going to sandbag on class three-four runs. A quick run down of the first nine days of March goes like this: The Raven's trip was four inches which is low, but everything was ran that didn't have wood in it except Anaconda.

photo by Tommy Hilleke

It was really tight. Ramsey's was two feet on the gauge, but felt lower than that. I don't know what the level was at Triple Falls, but it seemed kind of low.

photo by Tommy Hilleke

photo by Tommy Hilleke

photo by Tommy Hilleke

photo by Tommy Hilleke

The Green has been running about two to four inches over the rock at the confluence (120%-150%), which has been real nice. Also of note while the Green was being ran on Day 9 two other members were on the Ravens Fork at five inches. We only scored the Green run though.

photo by Tommy Hilleke

photo by Tommy Hilleke

Shuttle Delux

photo by Tommy Hilleke

Notice in the video clip the drastic change in weather from 60 degrees and sunny on the seventh to 30 degrees and snowy on the eighth. You gotta love Spring in the southeast. Be back with more updates after the weekend.

John Grace

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

tdub goes to Madison, Wisconsin

We took a break from the competition (and work) to head up to Rutabaga's "Canoeacopia" consumer show in Madison, Wisconsin.

The cheese state was great. We had the world premiere of "The 7 Rivers Expedition" documentary and showed off Penstock Productions most recent Industrial DVD, produced for Thule Racks.
Check out the 7 Rivers Site

The premiere went awesome thanks to the master party planner Adam Druckman and his sharp new marketing coordinator Chelsea Christiani. Big thanks to Teva and Forrest, Jeff and Garrett from Rutabaga!

Here are Steve Jordan, John Grace, and a tired Rebbecca Giddens enjoying some 3 am pie after a dance session that would have made John Travolta proud.

photo by Lindsey Bennett

Check out the action at Canoeacopia

See the Thule Hullavator in Action

note: Pat Keller earned a position as the Team President for the term, ask him why next time you see him.